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Diamond Clarity Grades

These “Clarity Grades” are the official quoted names from G.I.A. These names are so very important to know & understand. When I’m choosing diamonds, I prefer to stay within the boundaries of “VS1
to SI2” and I prefer to examine the stones (with professional help) before keeping them.
On one occasion, a diamond dealer gave me a group of VS2 diamonds, I went to have them all (16x.10pts.) “Pre-Appraised” for an “independent (quality-colour) assessment”. Not one of those 16 stones were in the category of the stones that I requested & wanted. The offending dealer said “well mistakes can happen!” Can’t imagine if the customer went to his appraiser and he returned the ring back to me…I haven’t seen this ‘dealer’ since then.

Moral of this little story; always check & double check your stones when in the ‘loose stage’.