Diamond Burrs 4 Sandblasted Finishes

Just responding to the person who asked which diamond burrs I
use. I use the German ones - Busch and there are many types
depending on what you are using them for. I have two favourites
-a straight tapered one which has a good point for hard to get
at areas -a tapered one with a slight curve which is the best for
general surface work. Christel

Hi Christel, I am a dental ceramist and we use diamond burrs and
wheels to shape and contour the porcelain ceramic. I would use
many many of these in a year. I would suspect that I might
go through 200 different burrs and maybe 2-3 dozen disks in a
year. Busch makes good burrs, steel, carbide, and diamond but I
have found that Brasseler another German company makes the most
durable and longest lasting steel, carbide, and diamond burrs
and disks. Another German company of equal caliber is Pfingst
for diamond instruments. Brasseler deals directly with the end
user, but Pfingst sells through dental supply houses. If you
need it I can come up with the phone number for Brasseler. They
are in Georgia. If you rattle their tree and insist on it you
can get not only a dental catalog but their jewelry burr
catalog. The receptionist taking the call might not even know
that they make jewelry burrs so ask for a supervisor and you
will get one.


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