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Diamond bandsaw



In my old age after being a Goldsmith for longer than I would like to
admit I’ve developed an obsession with cutting cabs and collecting
rocks. Much to my daughters horror I may add. It could be that my
eyesight is not as good as it used to be. Those small diamonds are
not so easy to see!! I want to buy a diamond Bandsaw to cut more
intricate shapes. I’ve looked at various ones, Inland, Gryphon,
Proxxon, Auscut and various ring saws. I mainly want it to cut
approx 5mm slabs of jasper, agates etc. Does anyone have any
experience and advice to offer? One criteria I do have is they must
be 220 to240 Volts. Some of them do seem like toys to me but it is
hard to know just by reading their blurb. Like all machines you can’t
beat experience.

Thanks for any input



If you Google “metallography equipment” you will find listings for
diamond cutoff wheels that cut wet. This equipment is designed to
cut the hardest aircraft alloys. This should make easy work of jasper
and agates.



Not sure why you’re looking for that specific voltage, but I have a
band saw, that with the “mega blade” you can order as an extra, the
Taurus 3 will cut 2" thick granite.

I have had this saw for almost 5 years for cutting class and it has
been a great saw for me. My boss and I used the mega blade to cut an
inch off the diameter of an almost two inch thick piece of a glass
pot melt. Worked pretty sweet, and is worth checking into, IMHO.
Good luck.



Kerry, I too have the Taurus III with a “megablade”. It is a great
little Ring Saw and has served admirably but I cannot imagine
cutting 1/2" let alone 2" Granite with it.With a little patience it
works great for cutting shapes in 1/8" to 5/16" Agate.