Diamond appraisal?

Hi everyone!

You gotta read this strange email from a friend of mine…:>) He
wanted to have a ring re-appraised, he couldn’t give me the ring.
But he told me some baffling

It’s a “7 mm stone set in a 14 carat yellow ring…(more to come)
VVS12, of F-G colour, stone depth of 4.33 mm & it’s a 1.33
carat diamond”. How much extra is missing? I could go ‘on
& on’! I replied this is not the way ‘we’ appraise expensive rings. I
requested that I put the actual ring in the appraisers hands or give
her an a very accurate copy of the appraisal form.

I told him that this is not the way of sending me

(mind-boggling request). And he is an insurance agent/broker, too
boot!..(still shaking my head over this strange email).

BTW, obviously he isn’t my agent anymore.

Gerry Lewy