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Diamond and Stone setting hints CD

to all on Orchid I wish to thank everyone here on Orchid who has
requested during the last 3 weeks my notes on “Diamond and Stone
setting hints”. I was inundated with so many requests, I had to sit
down and decide how I was to attempt to do this methodically. I am
now preparing a CD by years end. This CD will have ALL of my past
notes, my many articles from the BENCH magazine, pictures, movies
with 10-30 second clips.

Bradney Simon and I, are really putting our heads together on this
project. All the money collected will be given to charity…“Crohns’
and Colitis Foundation”, here in Toronto, Canada. My daughter has
Crohns, so it is with this money, I will be donate to research.

The wonderful kudos and thank-you’s are admirable. What a legacy I
am making now, all of my 46 years at the bench will now enable
someone around the world to benefit from my experience …:>) These
CD’s will cost $18.00,…I also have a video tape on “Graver

I will be in Chicago in April /04 doing a seminar/ demonstration of
"stone setting" with Bradney Simon, with his magazine…and to all
of my Jewish friends, “L’Shonah Tova”.

A Happy and Healthy New Year!
Gerry, the Cyber-Setter !