DiAcro Sheer Advice

Thanks for the thorough and thoughtful responses to my inquiry. I
held off buying the one I was asking about. Shipping from its
location to Montana made the cost a bit out of my budget. But I plan
to travel to near its location to visit family soon and if it still
is for sale I plan to buy it.

Also in answer to the suggestion to buy a rolling mill–I do have a
Durstonand do use it for some bezel making. But thought I might get
better or different results with a sheer. I also am a gear head and,
of course, love adding to my tool collection.

Something happy happened today. Orchid messages have been absent
go to the website. I had done all the things recommended to allow
them through, but nothinghelped. They trickled in and eventually
stopped altogether. But today theywere in my mailbox again! I hope
it will continue.