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Diacritical marks

   The word is a jour or a joure  (French origin). I don't have
the diacritical marks to put over the a and e.  Azure is a color. 

Just for everyone’s knowledge bank… There is a facility in Windows
called Character Map in Programs|Accessories|System Tools, at least
in Win2000. I just create a shortcut to it in my Quick Launch panel.
If you bring that up, many of the non-traditional characters such as
the degree symbol, umlauts, accents, etc., can be added to emails
using cut and paste.

Jeffrey Everett

Hi, Jeffrey,

What you say is true, but frustrating. My name is spelled “N-o-e-l"
with a dieresis (umlaut) over the “e”. I have programmed a key for
it, though it only works in Word. When I paste it into email, it
sometimes goes through OK, but often gets “translated” into all
sorts of oddities. Here on Orchid, I think it is usually “Nokl” or
"No’l”. I’m so tired of trying to spell my own name right! I’ve
pretty much given up. Thanks for letting me unload! --Noel

G’day The easiest way to obtain these accented letters is to 1; On
the number pad on the right of the keyboard press ‘number lock’ 2;
Then, hold down ‘Alt’ and press three figures on the number pad

130 = =E9 ; 131 = =E2 ; 132 = =E4 ; 135 = =E7 138 = =
=E8 156 = =A3
157 - =A5 and so on. But I can’t find the euro sign.

However, some mail systems may not pick up these things correctly.
For Instance, when people with AOL write a mail for me, I get
something like A=93 or something similar which I think, might be an
apostrophe. I have used 4 different mail systems and the ‘Alt and
three figures’ works for me on all of them. I am using Mozilla
now. You can even write N=BA (N followed by ‘Alt167’) and a few
fractions; 172 = =BC But you will have to mess about and make up you=
own table - I’m too lazy!

Cheers for now,
JohnB of Mapua, Nelson NZ

Hi Jeffrey,

The problem with that is only other windows systems read those
correctly because there is no universally accepted standard for
coding them. And this is if the email servers put them through
without screwing them up. I often get email where some one has tried
to use diacritical marks and there is gibberish where the mark was
supposed to be

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