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Devcon epoxy vs. JB weld


What would be the better product for epoxying a ring onto base metal

  • Devcon 5 minute epoxy or JB Weld?

Thanks for your thoughts - Linda in central FL


I’ve tried both, epoxy worked better for me

David S. Geller Jeweler


5 Minute epoxies are fine for fast repairs but my experience (not
necessarily in just jewelry) is the slower setting epoxies (not
polyesters) just do a far superior job of sticking, setting up hard
and holding up to use/abuse. Just my 2=E7 worth…

john dach


Usually the longer it takes to set up the stronger the bond for
epoxy. AlsoJB Weld will take the temperature for making molds. so if
needed you can build up a piece too thin to mold and then mold it at
the thickness needed for reproduction.


24 hr cure epoxies will have better properties than 5 minute type,
even in the consumer grades like Devcon

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts