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Determining investment amounts

Is there a formula for determining how much investment to mix up for
a specific size flask? I just started using some flasks that are
different sizes than the ones I’ve used up to now. Every batch I
mixed up had either too much or too little investment. Is there a way
to figure out how much to use so the investment (or the waxes) don’t
go to waste?

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Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Pet Motif Jewelry


I have found that a chart as well as investment mixing instructions
usually comes inside my investment container, and I use both Kerr
and Ransom and Randolph investment. Are you using these brands or

Are your flasks unusual sizes? If not, I can fax you my charts which
list the different water to investment ratios for the different size
standard flasks and also for heavy to delicate wax patterns.

There is so much that I will not list it all here, but
anyone can contact me off list and and I will refer to my
manufacturers instruction charts for you, or fax them to you.


You can get the specific you are after by going to . Click on jewelry investment
applications instructions. They have a chart which gives you the
correct amounts of water/powder by flask size. No more wasted