Designing a purse clip

I have a commission to execute for a small silver technology holder
(4 of them, actually) that needs to be able to be secured in a purse,
pocket, or briefcase. The customer said “alligator clip”, but I’m
mildly unhappy about attaching a crappy $1.50 base metal alligator to
my fabricated and decorated sterling silver jewel. That said, does
anyone have any bright ideas for an alternative design, including
references if you have them? I could do a pen-style clip easily
enough, but it wouldn’t be as secure as the alligator clip. I can’t
imagine how to fabricate a silver alligator.

I’ve never done anything as sophisticated as a sprung clasp. I’m
sure there is something in one of my many books to help me (Revere,
McCreight, etc.) if I hunt for it. But I’d welcome any pointers from
this group.

Chris L.
Jewelry II-level beginner metalsmith and jeweler :slight_smile: