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Designer's Favorites Poll seeks respondants

Hello fellow orchid fans, We’re launching an industry wide poll
of designer’s favorite resources for our lastest designer
guidebook, The Jeweler’s Resource Bureau’s A-to-Z Guide t o
Everything, to be published in early 1999.

You’re invited to participate and share your favorites with us.
Everyone w ho participates will be emailed a compendium list of
all mentions as well as a 10% discount on the book when it is

Please send your picks to us by email at @FranklyCin or
by fax at 914-738-0096. Please include your email, fax or snail
mail so that we can send you the results and the 10% off notice.

Thanks for participating and let us know if you need any more
from us!

Cindy Edelstein
Jeweler’s Resource 1999 Designer’s Poll

  1. Favorite suppliers for:
    office supplies
    stationery & stuff09

  2. Favorite photographer:

  3. Favorite magazines:

  4. Schools/courses I92d recommend:

  5. Books I92d recommend (jewelry, business, art)