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Designer QVC job?

Hey Folks, this is a really weird question, but not too long ago I
got an email about someone looking for a jewelry designer who would
be willing to personally do sales on television. I think it would be
TV sales like QVC or HSN. At the time I laughed it off but I’d like
to get more about this opportunity. My question is: Did
anyone else hear about this job and would they know where I might
get more about it? If so, would you contact me at:
@Dawn_Hale. Thanks

My friend Jeff Graham told me about QVC having a designer who goes
on air and works. I haven’t seen him myself. Jeff and I were
discussing how more and more factories from out of the US and
diamonds and soon colored stones are going direct from cutting
houses/manufacturers to the public. This should get interesting for
the big chain stores. I don’t see how they survive with high mall
rents anyway. I’m hoping to be somewhat insulated inside my niche
but, I don’t ever take anything for granted anymore. Trench in.
Sam Patania, Tucson

Hi Dawn - I have not heard of your particular situation, but I did
meet a woman in Taos that somehow got onto QVC selling her sterling
jewelry and made a B.U.N.D.L.E. So I don’t think it would hurt to
try it out.

Ivy in Oakland, wishing it was Taos.