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Design source-book

G’day; I very recently found a book in the little local library
which is a great source of inspiration to me when I am sitting
with a blank sheet of paper wondering what to make next. I
expect most jeweller-types would find it similarly interesting.
It contains about 1000 designs printed in just red and black and
the designs range from the simple to quite complex. The designs
are so versatile that they are equally useful to fibre-art folk

  • tapestry, embroidery, quilting, etc. Wood carvers, engravers,
    metal piercers, chasers, etchers…you name it. Designs from
    all over the world, some of extreme antiquity. It is written in
    French, English and German. So here is the title etc:-

      Ornamental Design by Claude Humbert, 			
      Published by:  Thames    & Hudson (London) 				
      ISBN 0 500 23126 5 

If your local library hasn’t got it on their shelves, they will
get it for you from some other library. I have found over the
years that Librarians are only too pleased to help. They even
got me an obscure paper from India, and I asked for it at our
Richmond branch of the Nelson Library, New Zealand. It arrived
inside three weeks! Cheers,

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At sunny Nelson NZ in late winter/early spring with lambs, daffs, tree
blossoms, Cold starry nights, cold sunny days, but warm in the sun.