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Design patterns book recommendations

Could anyone recomend template books, or books on design patterns?

Pam Adan

Hi Pam! Good to see you here.

For general designs that can be adapted to jewelry, look to any
pictorial book series. Dover Books has a lot of copyright-free image
books. For books about jewelry design, start with your local public
library. I remember the IRC library system had a great section
related to jewelry and jewelry making.

I know you are asking a more in-depth question, but I’m so tired
tonight I don’t have the wherewithal to really answer that. I’m sure
there are other people here who will have great recommendations.

See you next week,

I have many design pattern books, I am not sure what type of designs
interest you, but I suggest this book as a start" Grammar of Chinese Ornament" by Owen Jones, fi you just Google Images this title you
will see example of whats in the book. Another suggestion is “The
Grammar of Chinese Ornament” also by Owen Jones. One final
suggestion, check out the “Dover Design Books” as listed on Amazon.

Peace and good health to all
James Miller FIPG

Could anyone recomend template books, or books on design patterns? 

Well, Pam, that depends on what you mean by templates and/or design
patterns. If you can’t find what you want at the mother lode of such
things - Dover Press, then it probably doesn’t exist, though. Lots of
other stuff, too.


One book I often turn too for inspiration is one published by the
British Museum titled Jewelry Through 7000 Years. It can be found
quite cheaply and in fact was updated with new photos recently. It’s
a great survey of historical pieces by era and area within their
collection and runs the gamut of styles.

The updated title is* 7000 Years of Jewelry* that takes readers on
an impressive tour that includes, among other times and places:

  • The Middle East: 5000-2000 BC
  • Egypt: 1500-900 BC
  • Phoenician, Greek, Etruscan and Persian Lands: 850-325 BC
  • China, Celtic Europe, Mexico and Peru: 600 BC-AD 600
  • The Mediterranean, India, Egypt, Roman Britain and Byzantium: 325
    BC-AD 600
  • Europe, China, Korea and Japan: 300-1000
  • Mayan Central America: 600-1000
  • Central and South America: 500-1500
  • Europe, Islam, China, Korea and Java: 1000-1500
  • China, India, Tibet and Mongolia: 1500-1850
  • West Africa: 1500-1800
  • Europe: 1500-1950.

The original 1978 edition

The updated 2008 edition

I find that these pieces often inspire new directions in my own
creations since I rarely stick to one pure style or theme for my


One final suggestion, check out the "Dover Design Books" as listed
on Amazon.

A very good alternative to Amazon is with
free shipping worldwide, oftentimes better prices and wider choice
on specific subjects.

And not to forget for used or rare books. Compare
prices with Amazon for these. The Amazon marketplace prices are
often obscene.

There are hundreds of books with royalty/copyright free design
patterns available at most book stores. Here’s a Barnes and Noble
search as just an example of what’s available…

Hope this helps! Michelle W.

Oh wow, thanks for this post! I just went to and found
the books by Oppi Untracht I have been looking for!

best regards,
Kelley Dragon