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Design dilemna

I’m hoping someone can give me a solution to my design dilemma:

Part of the piece will enclose a flat, organic, very fragile object.
As part of the design, it will be placed on a flat silver/gold
background and all of that would be bezeled I’m looking for a
solution that would allow this piece long-term wearability. Even if
I encase it in mica or glass, I still have the problem of
waterproofing, so that it can be finished and the edges polished
without harming the organic piece underneath.

Is there a clear epoxy resin that I can use as a thin coat over
this? It cannot be heated due to the fragile nature of the organic
object. I don’t want to do anything that looks too heavy or plastic,
or that ends up making it look like a cheap paperweight.

Any suggestions out there would be greatly appreciated!

Cynthia Downs