Deox silver softer than regular sterling?

Hi there,

I’ve recently been working with a lot of silver and i’ve been
hearing thing about the softness of deox vs. traditional sterling.
Is it true that deox silver is actually softer than traditional

Also are there any differences in how you quence or how you cast
deox vs SS?

The only thing i’ve noticed is the color which it melts in is a bit
different with deox.

Thank you!

Ali, I have been doing a lot of casting with deox, and have not
noticed that it is softer than traditional sterling. It is brighter
in color than regular sterling as does not tarnish as quickly.

I have cast it using my cetrifuge, as well as my vacuum. The only
difference is that I wait 20 minutes before quenching.


I just finished setting 20 1.5mm stones in de-ox silver this past
Saturday. I didn’t think it was as soft as fine silver but I didn’t
think it was as hard as sterling either. Sort of in the middle. I
did think it was very workable, friendly for setting, and took a high
polish well.

Sorry I can’t tell you the specifics with casting it yet. I am
working on setting up my casting equipment right now.