Deox silver, Not Sterling?

Hello out there, There has been a lot of discussion here lately about
deox silver, or silver using a different alloy than copper to stop or
cut down on oxidation. I have had no experience with this new mix
and I am aprehensive about using it because, 1: I’m afraid my
customers will be leery of it because it can’t be called sterling {or
can it?} I don’t want to have to go into a long explaination with
them trying to explain the difference. 2: some of the silver pieces
that I produce actually need some oxidation in the crevices etc. to
enhance their appearance and I don’t know if the normal oxidizers,
like Black Max for instance, will work on this alloy. If anybody can
tell me how they deal with this I would appreciate your feedback.
Thanks, Mike

Hi Mike, In response to your questions about Deox sterling… Yes, it
is called sterling and it does not have to be mentioned that it is
deox… You can if you want… The definition of sterling in the
united is that it consist of 92.5% pure silver and the balance is an
alloy… it does not matter what that alloy is .

DeOx sterling oxidizes just like regular sterling… We use liver of
sulfur ( in this case, it works best if the liver of sulphur is added
to very hot water… I also take the silver items to be antiqued and
run hot water on them to get them warm before putting them in the
hot liver of sulphur. This makes it stick really good…Other types of
silver black antique solutions also work fine most of these others do
not require to be heated.

Best Wishes, Daniel Grandi