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Deox silver casting problems


Hi. I bought the high end deox sterling silver from rio grande. My
caster uses and wants me to use it so all will be well.Complete
disaster! My guy says it is because 100% deox has too much deox to
use without pre used tree and button. Should I try it again or is
there other problem? Please advise.

Thx. Bruce


I have been casting with deox silver which I get from AAA refinery
Portland, Or. and really enjoy working with it. Don’t know ifit is
the same formula as that sold by Rio. The dexox I get casts
beautifully, no porosity, and malleable enough so that when I make a
ring which needs enlarging to fit a client’s hand, I just put it on
the mandrel and hammer away. Best of all, it never tarnishes.

I have been casting with my centrifuge. Have not tried it with my
vacuum, so don’t know if the results will be the same. Alma