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Dented Pewter


I, however, can’t remember what it is called
exasctly, but it’s a sort of long protruding stake…does anyone
out there know what I’m talking about? <<

I think you’re refering to a ‘snarling iron’. Basically it’s an
’L’ shaped piece of steel that’s held in a vise or anvil’s pintle
hole. The business end is a polished ball shape. There may be a
couple of curves between the ball & foot of the ‘L’.

In use, the ball is placed inside the item to be formed & the
iron is struck with a hammer at some point between the mounting
point & work. This causes the iron to spring up & down. The ball
then contacts the securely held work causing it to bend.
Depending on the size of the work, 2 people may be required, 1 to
position the work & 1 to pound the iron.