Dental resins

ISO skip or another dentistry/jewelry expert. I was hoping to get
some advice to do with dental industry products. specifically resins,
acrylics, or other moldable materials. is dental resin or acrylic a
very tough product? is it heat resistant? I would like to make an
impression of a piece of jewelry, and attatch the impression to a
pair of pliers (or a piece of wood). the pliers then could be used
for holding the jewelry item for working. also, I’d like to make some
tough-tips for finger cots. can resin or another dental product
adhere to leather? I recently got the zahn dental catalogue (which has
lots of products listed) and wanted some expert advice before I start
spending money.

thanks, john in new orleans

I hope I can spell this correctly… Protoplast or perhaps
Proto-plast This sounds like the stuff you need. It comes in sheets,
or pellets, or perforated sheets (your choice). It is actually used
for making casts and splints on fingers or limbs. It probably won’t
be found in a dental catalog, but medical suppliers should have it.
It can be molded under medium hot water and when cooled it hardens.
It’s very good stuff, good luck.

Hi John, Dental resins will BURN! Duralay, is a resin that can be
made into models, have wax added, and can then be burned out very
cleanly and then sprued and cast. It can also be used to make a mold
for flat pieces that have only one side with detail and no undercuts.
Kerr inlay wax can be flowed into the lubricated (lubed with dental
die lube) mold. It is dimensionally very, very stable.

The pliers trick might work as long as you don’t try to solder the
piece. John you can call me (708-246-6659) if you wish to discuss it