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Dental Catalog

Some while ago Skip had given a phone number for Zahn Dental
Supply (1-800-495-9500). I tried calling that number and was told
it was out of my area of use. I then tried to use the 800
directory hoping to find what area of the country it was located
but the operator could not help. So, Skip, would you be kind
enough to tell me what state it is located? Is there a local

I’m located in South Jersey and tried to use the Business to
Business directory to see if I could find a dental company in
this area that has a supply catalog but that was futile. Maybe
someone from the Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania area has a
phone or address for a source? I would like to thank everyone on
this form for making it one of the most informative and helpful
form. There isn’t a week that goes by,I don’t pick up something
new and interesting. My deepest appreciation to Dr. Aspler and
the people associated with him who started and maintained this
form. To me, this is a fulfillment of what the internet can
contribute to our lives.Thank you! Dolores

Dolores, I am not Skip, but I think I can answer your question,
if I may. I don’t think it has anything to do with your
location,but rather a feeling on their part that the amount of
business they may get from someone who is not a dentist, would
not compensate for the cost of supplying you with a catalog.

You can however ask your Dentist to call for you, and they will
undoubtedly send one to him. Hope this helps Joe Dule

Hi Folks, The number Dolores dialed was wrong. The number for
Zahn Dental Suooly is: 800-496-9500. Dolores dialed 495.


If you’re on speaking terms with your dentist or his
receptionist you can ask to look over one of his catalogs.
Chances are he’ll let you order something through him as long as
you don’t make a habit of it.Lots of dentists are into jewelry
making as a hobby and most would probably grant a favor to a
patient with similar interests. (I was really leery about
asking my dentist where I could get hold of a can of alginate
powder…but he was only too glad to sell me one on the spot!)
I was also able to obtain worn or broken picks and probes
which can be ground down and used as soldering aids, wax
tools, scribers or burnishing

Thanks Joe for responding. Seems I had copied the phone number
wrong. Skip corrected my error and I called. They are sending it
to me and never asked what dental clinic I was calling from. Just
took my name and address. This is great for me since I belong to
a large dental association and never see the same dentist when
I visit them so I don’t have a close relationship with any one
in particular. Dolores


I also had a good relationship with my dentist - we used to talk
about casting and alloys frequently, but it was hard to answer
when he had a drill in my mouth! He often gave us very small
diamond points that he could no longer use, as well as the
probing tools (broken). At least it made for an interesting time
at the dentist. Lorri

You know Skip keeps telling us all about the wonderful stuff you
can get from a dental supply place. Well I walked into our local
dental supply place trying to buy some Impregum which is a resin
that takes really good impressions from objects. They wouldn’t
sell to me because I’m not a dentist and the guy practically
accused me of trying to set up a bogus dental practice! I won’t
ever go back there and my requests for dental supply catalogs
haven’t worked either. All I can say is good luck…Dave

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