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Dental Acrylic

Hi JB,

That liquid you like to breathe is an extremely carcinogenic
chemical. It is the monomer that when mixed with the polymer
forms a cross-linked acrylic. There is a product out there that
is an acrylic that is made for casting. It is a product called
Duralay. It is used to make a tooth shaped pattern that fits the
prepared tooth and the opposing dentition right in the mouth.
It burns out clean at 1000 deg.F it is hard, durable, and
ACCURATE. It can be cut with your wax carving burrs but they
won’t last as long. Do all your work at a slow speed so as to
not start melting the acrylic. Discs and stones do not work
well. The artificial fingernails are a completely different

Duralay is mixed in a Dappen dish which is shaped like a shot
glass that only holds 1/2 a shot. You can use the other side to
mix a lesser amount. If any acrylic mixed in glass or ceramic
gets hard on you, don’t try to chip it out. Submerge it in
water and let it set. It may take 'til tomorrow but the acrylic
will fall out. When you are done with your acrylic pattern, take
some hard Dental wax (this wax is designed to flow at about 120
degF while it is hard at 100 deg. F) and flow a very thin film
over the pattern. DON"T USE A SOFT WAX! It will smear and you
will not be able to sharpen the details. If anyone wants to know
more, email me off line.