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Dental acrylic


Greetings fellow mouse-potatoes,

I have heard reference to dental acrylic (as opposed to carving-wax) used
as a modelling medium when constructing prongs and settings for rings
etc., then burning-out as per normal for casting. Has anyone tried this
technique, or know of it? If so, please share the procedure, I would be
very grateful,

thanks, Laurie Veska.



I am a former Dental Technician. Although I had training in most areas of
the lab, my speciality was crown and bridge.

What you need to keep in mind is that there are 3 types of dental acrylic.

  1. A very course acrylic used for custom impression trays - not suitable
    for what you are suggesting.

  2. Heat cured acrylic which is “packed” in a flash under pressure and
    cured at about 180 degrees for 4-8 hours in water. This would work, but
    you need something to act as a flask, dental stone (more dense and harder
    than plaster, and the prolonged heated water source. You also need to be
    able to add pressure to the pot.

  3. Cold cure - used for denture repairs and orthodontic appliances. This
    would work too, but must be cured in hot water, preferrably under pressure
    for 10-30 minutes. A pressure cooker with a pressure release valve works
    good for curing this material. Also, there was a small pressure pot
    invented for curing which just required you to fill the small tank to the
    top, put in your object and screw on the lid. This worked very well, the
    acrylic was dense and cured very quickly, 5-10 minutes. I wish I knew
    where to tell you to get one. It was invented by a late friend of mine
    and I don’t know who manufactered them.

Check with and place selling dental lab supplies, they could probably



Hi, Gang:

I was talking to my dentist. Asking about supplies. He gave me some of
his “Old” bits and burs. He also gave me a phone numbers to dental
supplies. Here they are. They carry everything and anything that has to
do with the dental area. Maybe your questions could be answered. And
order a book while your at it. I am still waiting for mine!

Darby Dental Supply 1-800-448-7323

Carol Lankford