Density Testing Gold

This is a new one for me to come across. I’ve never actually heard of density testing for gold karat but did some research online about it. Now here is my problem. I have a set of rings that were made in 2010 by the goldsmith that worked at my company before i started. The client took them into a company to be assessed to see their value. That company used density testing on the rings to determine the karat of gold. Their results came out to be a low 9k. The rings are supposed to be 14k.
I took the rings and did an acid test and my results are a low 14k. We also have the Auracle electronic tester, the results on that came out to be high 10k. When i used the methods for density testing i found online. The results i got confirmed what the other company did, a low 9k.
Has anyone come across this kind of problem before? Out of 3 tests done, 2 are basically telling the same thing but the one that the client had used is saying something completely different. Our client is furious and I don’t know what to tell my bosses.

This is an interesting one.

  1. It isnt your problem as you didnt make them
  2. And absolute honesty is no 1 .
  3. Our UK assay office will give you an assay to 1% gold value. God
    bless our hall marking laws. It wouldnt have happened here.
  4. So ,what to do? You need an independent assay to put you and your co
    if they are!! in the clear. Thats what you aught? to tell your bosses?
    thats mine and should be you professional opinion.
  5. Do you have a guaranteed results assay office in the great usofa?
    that will stand any international challenge?
  6. If an independent assay is less than sold, your co should undertake
    to remake for free.
    Whats their reputation worth?

good luck.
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I recommend using XRF.
To be absolutely sure you will have to file the surface.
An alternative is to use a very fine drill and drill into the inside of the ring. Then XRF or assay the drillings.

Ken Babayan’
David H. Fell Inc.

I occasionally buy gold. Over the years, I have come across a lot of plated gold, but rarely is a plated piece karat stamped.
Based on the data you have described, it sounds like the rings are made of 9kt and plated with 14kt.
You could do the XRF as Ken recommended, but it is possible that no amount of independent testing will keep this customer happy given that he already has an independent opinion from his expert that thiese rings are 9kt.
I would just remake the rings out of 14kt to keep the customer happy and save the company’s reputation or at least minimize the damage to the company’s reputation.
Calgary Canada

Thank you for the responses.
At this point i’m thinking the only alternative they have is to remake them.
The previous goldsmith that made them did his own casting so we are kind of thinking he may have contaminated the gold or did something wrong. I don’t do our own casting (don’t have the equipment). We send out to a casting house in Toronto now.