Demand for custom rollers for rolling mill?


Would anyone be interested in buying rolling mill rollers with custom
patterns, if I machined them?

Andrew Jonathan Fine

I would be interested, but the price would be a consideration.

Vicki K


I want any and all details you have about making special rollers for
rolling mills! I feel like I am the only guy out there with custom
side rollers for my Durston mill, but I simply could not run my
business without them. What if a customer wants a low-dome 11 mm wide
band made? OK, I can roll it out on my D2. The little set of 4 half
round grooves on the roller my mill came with just doesn’t offer
enough width possibilities. I had another 3 rollers made with varying
widths of half round grooves, and I use them all the time. At UCSD we
had a small patterned roller with 4 grooves from Kenneth Singh, and
my students loved the patterned stock it made.

Give me an idea of what you’ve got in mind, as I’d love to see what
you’re doing with the custom rollers!

Jay Whaley

Is this still something you’re offering and how can I best contact you for a quote?