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Delrin plastic

Sorry for sounding dumb, but what is delrin plastic? Is it the same as
cast plastic which looks like plexiglas? Apparently plexiglass is extruded
instead of cast and therefore not as durable. We use cast plastic for
making silouette dies for the hydraulic press. We cut our shapes out of 20
gauge brass–one for the top and one for the bottom and sandwich 2
thicknesses of 1/4 inch cast plastic between them with the shape cut out.
This is all rivetted together and filed. These dies last indefinitely.

<< but what is delrin plastic? >>

Vembrey Delrin Plastic: Delrin-(Acetal) 150 has excellent load bearing
qualities in both tension and compression. Room temprature tensile strength
10,000psi;16% elongation. Service temprature range -20F to 185F.,
intermittent 200F. Hige yeild strength at elevated tempratures. An
excellent material for bearings, gears, cams, and other small parts - low
friction, high wear resistance and ease of fabrication, FDA & USDA
approved, not UV stabilized. Very similar in nature to Ultra High
Molecular Weight Polyethylene, or Teflon. It also withstands impact well,
and is resistant to most acids and some alkaloids. It comes in any shape
(rod, sheet, plate, square bar) and is almost always white. RED