Delft modeling clay-Ring settings

I am interested in using the delft clay to make ring settings and
other jewelry items with prongs or basket settings. Can this be done
successfully? If so, what type of hard wax should I use to make the
models? Are there any videos on online or books that discuss making
jewelry with prong settings using the Delft modeling clay. I know
that it does a simple ring band, but I want to move beyond that
stage. Thank you.

you can use delft clay to cast settings as for the wax use the
hardest you can work with. Matt shaped carving waxes seem adequate -
wolf waxes are OK if you feel a need to pay more and see the gold-ish
or silver-ish model). I would not try using any kind of plasticine or
modeling clay as it is too soft. wood though is good with delft clay
as the cope and drag method involved requires a strong model. If you
must use a plasticine remember to coat with pounce (talc, rather
jeweler’s extra fine talc) before introducing into the delft clay
mould…rer this is in dutch / English!. This man is the inventer of