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Delft alternative

Over the last year I have noticed an interest in finding
oil-tempered casting sand similar to the patented Delft clay.�As a
person who must soon teach a low-tech jewellery casting workshop,
this is of particular interest to me, though I love the Delft clay
and am suffering from some equal-competition style qualms regarding
this…nevertheless, here is a site describing a home brew casting
sand that seems to come close to Delft in quality.�This is similar
to petrobond sand, which on my screen looks an AWFUL lot like Delft.

Good luck, and let me know if any of you have tried this.


It is my understanding that Delft clay is the same as petrobond. If
you want to know more about petrobond vs. k-bond check out Hobbicast Hobbicast is a metal
casting discussion list sponsored by the Home Foundrymen’s
Association with the purpose of sharing and knowledge
between group members and helping to solve casting problems, etc. If
you need a source for petrobond check out

Brian Shafer