Deleting and Modifying Old Orchid Posts

Is there anyway to remove posts that are older than say five years?.

I keep on getting emails from folk referring to something I have posted TEN years ago and it is frikkin annoying trying to find out what I said.

Also, I deleted my old blog years ago, but Orchid still has my posts available and still have my pictures that don’t link to me.

So I would very much like my old blog DELETED in it’s entirety.

Hi @meevis. Happy to help here! I can see how it would be annoying to answer questions about topics from so long ago.

I’ve removed your old blog from the old Orchid blogs area.

Regarding old posts here on Orchid – how are people getting in touch with you? Email? Or via the Private Message system here on Orchid? Feel free to reply here or email me at and we can talk about how to solve this issue.

(P.S. Slightly off topic but the forum software for Orchid warns people if they try to reply to a very old thread.)

Hi Leah,

I’m easy to find on the internet.

The point is, I get comments and questions from an email from ten years ago?

Ten years? Gimme a break.

And then, with one person, after the third email, the dude gets pissy with me when I tell him to fuck off and leave me alone.

So yes, I would be great if only last years emails are available.

I’m old. I don’t remember too well.

Hans, I’m going to send you an email about some ideas I have regarding your issue here.

Your right easy to find and beautiful work and useful contribution of tools to the industry. Thank you for your service and contributions
Regards RLW

Please delete my entire account Thank you.

despite being old and tired, im that too, are you saying your not going to post here anymore? ever?
Sorry if thats the case.

Hans - @leah-ganoksin-admin has gone ahead and deactivated your account at your request. We are sorry to see you go!

As she mentioned in her email, Orchid does not delete or modify old posts (with the occasional exception of formatting). If we did so, the value of the conversations would be materially diminished, because people wouldn’t be able to follow the flow of any given thread. Every post on Orchid has been perpetually archived and made public on the internet since 1995. That has always been fully disclosed, and I always encourage people to be mindful of that fact - on Orchid you are making public statements attached to your name. We believe that is important for knowledge-sharing and proliferation. We don’t make exceptions to the policy. We also don’t “anonymize” old posts, as doing so diminishes their value. It’s a slipper slope when you start erasing or modifying history.

Ganoksin doesn’t remove old content either… many, many years of hard work have been spent organizing, cataloging, formatting and publishing that content for the benefit of the community.

I understand sometimes this policy can be objectionable to people - while not my intention to offend anyone, my job is to protect the integrity of the knowledge-base.

I hope you understand and decide to rejoin - if so, please email us and we will reactivate you. In the meantime, I wish you the very best and I (along with this community) are in your debt for many years of exceptional contributions.


If, as you say, all ones posts always have been and will continue to be in the public domain, then im going to be much more careful what I write. Many of my posts have been personal with personal information that should only be for the benefit of the enquirer.
A different point of view to Hans.
I can understand where he is coming from. Likewise your terms of reference for Ganoksin.
Here in the UK we have the data protection act. This means that any information anyone holds on anyone can only be released with the owners permission. Now that would be something Id like to see on Ganoksin.
After im past the pearly gates I really dont care! till then my permisson to release information about me should always be asked for.


Hi Ted. I think it’s safe to say that the goal is to keep all of the valuable jewelry-related information around for current and future makers to learn from. If someone, for example, gave out their personal address here and regretted doing so, we’re of course happy remove that! It’s just about keeping the conversations useful and making sense to people looking for jewelry-making advice. Hope that helps explain.

(One more thing, Orchid has a private message system where you can send totally private messages that the outside world won’t see.)

Oh Hans,
Please stay. There are so many of us who
look forward to your amazing posts, to marvel
at your beautiful creations and to learn
techniques to help us become better craftspeople.
I’m sure I’m not the only one who would implore
you to stay, but one must do as one needs.
We don’t want you to go. Please reconsider.
Denny Diamond

I don’t understand the problem. If the inquirer cannot include a copy of whatever of your posts they are referring to, then you can simply respond by saying you don’t recall the whole issue and thus cannot be of help.
Judy Bjorkman

Hola Hans. I echo the sentiments from others. You share the most remarkable things with Orchid. My confession: if I can make it to Europe, you are on my ‘to do’ list. I hope you will reconsider leaving Orchid and others like me. In any case, your imaginative creatures amaze me, as do the innovative workshop designs and tools.

You ROCK Hans.
Judy in Kansas, who enjoyed every post by Hans

Dear Hans ,


Why not just do what I did, subscribe to a once-weekly email
that has a summary and link to the site ?

Take your blog down ? CRIMINAL !!!

Dogboy is not happy


I would also like to echo my feelings and ask that you please do not step away. You continue to provide me with additional and very welcomed motivation to continue!