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Deionized H2O

Does anyone know where I can get a gallon or two of deionized water?
(NOT distilled) Need it for my laser. If it helps, I’m in the
Northwest Atlanta area. I’d hate to pay for shipping (since water is
in the 8lbs/gal range) but am willing if I can find some. Would
greatly appreciate the help!

Bob Staley
B.Staley, Goldsmiths
Precision Laser Welding

Hi, Bob. Try the biology/botany or chemistry department of a local
college or university in your area. Most use deionizing systems.

Lynn Radlick

You should be able to get this from any university lab as it is
usually on tap. All of the medical research labs in the Houston
Medical Center (University of Texas, Rice, Baylor College of Medicine)
including the science teaching labs of the local community college
have deionized water available at all sinks.

Call a local bottled drinking water company. Many of them also
provide DI water for critical uses. I have seen it on the shelf of
my grocery store next to the Distilled water. It is labeled “Purified
Water” then in small print it says de-ionized. For a use like your
laser you want to be careful though… The laser needs very pure
water to insulate the system and potentially the user from high
voltages. The water is being used to cool electrical components that
have a charge on them as long as the water is very pure it will not
conduct electricity it is the dissolved solids and ions in water that
make it electrically conductive. When I was in the Navy I was an
electronics tech. and we used water to cool high powered radar
systems. We had an elaborate system of resin beds to de-ionize water
and a resistivity meter to measure the waters purity.

Somewhere in your documentation for your laser there is probably a
specification for resistivity of the water it will be in Megohms per
cm very pure water is 18 Megohm -cm I doubt your system needs that
pure but you need to know what your system requires so you can ask
your water supplier what grade water you are getting. But you
definitely should be able to get hi grade di-water locally.Jim –

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