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Deepest sympathy

For all the British the members on this worldwide forum.
This has nothing to do with jewelry and I hope I’m allowed to post this brief message.

My deepest sympathy for all the losses of innocent lifes in your country.
I’m so sorry to hear what happened in Manchester.
It breaks my heart to see that picture of the 8 year old girl dying for …?



Absolutely such a shame. my condolences to all :"(

As a ‘fellow’ Londoner, I am without words to see the point of all of this
carnage. Just what did it prove? Nothing! It just confirmed the idiocy of
all of the senseless killings by these radical ‘brainless’ less-than human,
BTW, my Mom & Dad lived in Manchester, in their earlier years!

Gerry Lewy
Toronto, Ontario.

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Such a cruel and senseless act. I’ve been listening to BBC for a better reporting than Fox has done. Thanks to the BBC for their thoughtful and current reports. My thoughts of sympathy go to all the families and friends of those whose lives where too soon lost.
Judy in Kansas, where we join in mourning.