December Beginner Wire-Wrapping Workshops

Arts Umbrella Studio of Fine Arts welcomes Marlene Kuser, jewelry
instructor who has taught at such institutions as the Newark Museum.

Marlene is also a gifted beader, wire-wrapper, and teacher who will
be conducting two Saturday morning workshops on December 3rd and
December 10th, 1999 from 9 a.m. to noon. Course fee is $45. per
workshop, $85. for both, plus materials fees. The first workshop
will be on how to use wire to create pendants and use of jewelry wire
tools; the second workshop on 12/10 will have students making
earrings using wire-wrapping techniques. These classes are suited
for the beginning jeweler. For more call the Arts
Umbrella Studio at (732) 603-2288.

I would be interested in taking your wire wrapping courses but where
are you? You mention New Jersey but it’s a big state. Which brings me
to a something that has bothered me for a while: many times classes,
exhibitions, or shows will be mentioned on Orchid (and to be fair,
elsewhere also), the phone number and/or e-mail address is given and
absolutely no mention of where in the world the event is taking
place. I think I may safely speak for quite a few of us when I ask
that in the future a city, state (providence, department, whatever)
and country be included just to give us a general idea of how far we
would have to go in order to participate. Thanks. Martha from Long