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I heard that one can use simple green as a debubbleizer on wax
models prior to investing. Has anyone tried this, and does it

            Iheard that one can use simple green as a debubblizer
on wax models prior to investing. Has anyone tried this, an=


does it work????-Alma 

Way back in history we used to use a 50/50 mixture of green soap and
hydrogen peroxide. It was a cleaner and debubbler before investing. You
had to make sure the solution was almost dry before investing. If not the=

investment would dilute and give a rough surface to the casting. Both
hydrogen peroxide and green soap can be bought at most larger drug stores.=

Most waxes made for jewelry don’t need this treatment, check the
Steve Ramsdell

Alma, Yes, I have tried Simple Green but it leave a gummy coating as
it dries. It does little to break the surface tension…at least at
full strength…in my opinion. Now, you can try ‘Jet Dry’ which is
used in auto dishwashers to remove streaks. It seems to break the

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut1

alma- i dont know about simple green, but i was taught to use
denatured alcohol and it seems to work well.


Most investments have surfactants included which negate the need for
debubbisers, if you are not vacuuming the investment you should
consider doing so. Easy to build drawings can be found at in the files section of
the home page and also in the photo section.

Kim Royston

A few years ago I was having trouble with Kerr Brilcast investment
and I did some studding on this subject of equalizers. I tried Jet
Dry and found it did reduce the surf ice tension, but it slowed the
set time some. I was using 15 drops to a 100 cc of water. I finally
gave up the idea and switched to Ransom and Randolph and since then I
have had no problems with bubble tracks on my casting. I do pull
29.75" on the first vacuum pull for 2 minutes after the froth faalls.
I then pour the flasks and pull another vacum for about two minutes.
This seems to have taken care of bhe bubble tracks caused by air
bubbles sliding on the castings. Yours. Billy S. Bates

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This seems to have taken care of bhe bubble tracks caused by air
bubbles sliding on the castings 

I had trouble with bubble tracks when I first started using Kerr
satin cast investment. Stupid me, I thought that the investment was
too thich and was not filling in the track left by a raising bubble.
Thinned the investment and things got worse. Read in a book that
bubble tracks are a sign of the investment being too thin. Started
mixing to the ratio defined by the vendor and never had a problem
again until Kerr changed their mix ratio with out notifying their
users. I lost 5 out of 6 models because of growths on the surface
(the investment flaking away). I now use R & R an have had no
problems. Lee Epperson

I suspect your “tracks” were water trails that result if the flask
is left to set without working for too long before it solidifies,
and the water begins to separate. Set time is very dependent upon
water and powdered investment temperature. The colder/ the longer
the set time.