Dealing with Karl Fischer

Hello all,

I am having a bad experience shopping products to Karl Fischer GmbH,
in Germany (I am from Spain):

I spent near 500 eur (640 $) in Colorit products, a month ago,
encouraged by the good experiences of some members of this forum,
but I’m still waiting for the parcel.

After two recent e-mails they answer me that their forwarding agency
has informed them that the shipment has been delivered to me, and
that during the next days they will receive a delivery document.
Also they ask me my fax number, to send me a copy of it.

I have two questions. The first is about this company. I’d like to
know about experiences shopping to them. I’d like to discard bad
practises from them, but somebody is telling lies.

The last question is what to do in a situation like this. I suppose
that most of the jewellers in this forum are continuously buying
tools, metals, etc., and sometimes there are troubles buying. My
experience, having done two hundred of orders around the world is
good except very few cases, but this one isn’t fun: it means that I
must demonstrate that I haven’t the parcel in my possession, to
people that lives in a foreign country with the hard conditions in
communication that it involves, with two or more intermediate parcel

Best regards and thanks - today has been a bad day, I’m sorry for
this frustrated message.

Salvador Alcaraz,

I am having a bad experience shopping products to Karl Fischer
GmbH, in Germany (I am from Spain): 

I’m in the US; several friends and I have been ordering from Karl
Fischer for over 5 years with never a problem, never anything gone

Donna in VA

The first is about this company. I'd like to know about
experiences shopping to them. I'd like to discard bad practises
from them, but somebody is telling lies. 

I’m sorry to hear about your troubles with Karl Fischer. In my
experiences with them (first ordering to Canada and since to France)
I have found them to be very reliable and honest but perhaps a little
set in their ways… and not always the quickest to respond to a
situation that is upsetting a customer.

I have had troubles with one shipment from them (lost in transit,
resent, I was charged for both… eventually got my refund) and the
bottom line was that they wanted documentation from the post office
of what I said happened before they would give the refund. They seem
to be very wary of being cheated.

My conclusion was that you could expect to be dealt with fairly by
them but they’re not going to go out of their way to make sure you
are happy at all times. They sell, you buy, but they’re not in
business to make everybody their friend. Given the generally
excellent selection and quality of goods I’ve just accepted that they
do business their way and so be it.

Personally I would be VERY surprised is they were doing anything
dishonest. Nothing in my experiences with them indicated that that
was even remotely likely.

Trevor F.
in The City of Light
Visit at

have been buying from Karl Fischer since the 80’s as a student; the
90’s I was buying for a school, now for my studio,large or small
orders,I never remember one bad incident,and they were relativly
quick to respond if there were any issiues. all good.

Philadelphia, USA

Dear Salvador Alcaraz,

This company is well over 100 years old, and a legend among
goldsmiths in Europe for their catalog and service. I have the last 40
years, from time to time, been buying tools and machines from Karl
Fischer GmbH for my workshop.

At no point have I met with anything but courtesy, honesty and good

If Karl Fischer says that you have received the parcel, then
somebody must have signed for it. You say that Fischer will fax to you
the documents with that signature. If you don’t recognize it, then we
are talking about fraud/theft.

I suggest you look at the parcel delivery service in your own
country and eventually have a friendly chat with your local police. I
am also quite sure that Karl Fischer will look it up from their end.
If the parcel is lost in transit, then it is probably insured. You
can see that from the innvoice. I hope you will find your colorit

Jon Holm,
Bornholm, Denmark

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I have bought tools from Karl Fischer both when in the States and
here in Israel and have never had any problems with them at all.
They always insure shipments, so they will be able to trace what
happened because you all will see a signature of whoever signed for
it. I don’t think it will be a problem showing that it is not your
signature. The onus will be on either the shipper or the insurance
company to deal with it–not you. The folks at Fischer have always
also been very courteous. They are a very ‘old world’ company…

Janet in Jerusalem


I never had any trouble with them. Maybe you should wait for the
delivery slip and see if the postal company made an error.


Hello Salvador,

I have had business with them on and off for several years and never
had any complaints. I do however, mostly use fax and phone when
ordering. I don’t believe they are at fault more likely the
carrier(s) but I would think it must be difficult for them to show
any delivery receipt. If you feel things going a bit slow right now,
please remember that they are in the middle of summer vacation.


Good morning everybody,

the company has been around since the beginning of time and I have
been dealing with Karl Fischer off and on for 30 years. In Germany
and now in the US.

Karl Fischer has a very good reputation with everyone I know. If
there is an issue with the carrier

it’s not Fischers fault.

I never had one problem with them! Sorry you have a bad experience.


Thank you all for your messages,

I now discard completely that the mistake was done by Karl Fischer.
They also say that this is the first case of this kind that they
have had. Surely this is the motive of their probably first surprise
and my confusion.

They are being also very kind, investigating the cause of error, so
this will probably be corrected soon.

Perhaps the worst thing for me would not be to lose a parcel, but to
lose a good seller whose products are in general cheaper than in my
own country, and as you say, of good quality.

Thank you all again and regards,

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