Dealing with high value stones

Lee, I’ll respond to this one and am curious as to what others do
also. I do a lot of custom work with customer stones, many of them
high value stones. In the beginning many years ago I couldn’t afford
insurance so I started a fund. I took a few dollars out of every job
and put it aside so I could pay for a broken stone or, heaven forbid,
a melted ring or theft. While I have adequate in store insurance now,
the fund has only been used several times in the last 20 years. I
don’t put money into it anymore. This was my way of solving the
problem. It was tough when I first started because I sweated out a
more than a ‘few’ jobs before I had enough to cover most stones. This
doesn’t help you much right now I know but perhaps someone else has
really great idea. Perhaps the Orchid community could start an
insurance fund for small independents…talk about paperwork !!!

Terry Parresol
Parresol Jewelers
Lakeland, FL