Dealer 4 Rough Diamonds

I have recently seen some jewelry using rough diamond
stones–not faceted. Has anyone a source for diamonds cut as
cabachons or tumbled in natural shapes? I also saw some small
teardrop faceted diamonds that were beautiful! Any suggestions
are greatly appreciated.



Hello Rebecca, I used to have a contact for rough diamonds with
original crystal faces. Be aware that if the diamonds are natural
and not tumbled that you will pay a greater cost because they are
also specimens. I don’t know exactly where I placed the number of
the guy I met but if I bump into it i’ll be sure to send it up
your way. Take care


Rebecca - I know a wholesale Diamond dealer in the mid-west who
sells diamond rough. He sells unfinished rough to cutters. High
bore qualitys to medium grade African material.Mostly large
crystals.He was in Tucson for the first time this year. He’s on
the internet, i think, and i’ll call him up to get his address
for you. What sizes are you searching for?

Kim Eric Lilot
tel: 1.415.661.1776

Kernowcraft in the UK list rough diamonds in their catalogue -
the single sheet gemstone catalogue that they issue every month
or two. They generally list them as octohedral crystals (from
memory). I doubt that they are gem quality, but I have seen some
very nice mounted stones in rings which are very striking.

Kernowcraft have a web-site at


hello rebecca, we supply a few of our clients with uncut rough
diamond octehedrons, commercial quality and up from $ 20/ct to
several hundred dollars per carat…usually 1 to 3 ct pieces…if
interested and not in rush…these pieces are usually smugglers
pieces and come in with nicer stones as materials for cutting
machines…as far as cabachons have never seen one…tumbled
would really look bad…nicest ones are natural octehedron
crystals…thanks Jeff Thomson Opals International Jewelers,
Inc. and

Hello Kim,

Yes, I’m interested. I have the Tucson gem book, so if you find
his name, I can look him up. I’m working with 9.5-10mm round and
1/2 round cabs, therefore, I would be looking for this size in
more natural shapes and possibly cabs. I’m in the research stage
at present and I would like to consider all my options.

Thank you,


Jeff, Yes, I’m very interested in the $20/ct quality. I am doing
research for an addition to my collection. I have not worked
with rough quality cuts before, therefore, I would like to see
some uncut pieces to test proportions, etc. I need pieces that
are a minimum 9.5 mm and max. 10.5mm. Please advise if you can do
5-day consignment.

Thank you,