Dazor Lamp - Which one?

Any suggestions on which Dazor lamp is best suited for bench work?
I am trying to choose between the clamp on 40" Circline model or the
Hi-Lighting model. The Hi-Lighting model (8MG-500) is made out of
plastic where the lamp and magnifier is housed. This worries me
insofar as bench work is concerned. I believe the Circline model
is made out of metal, and has a handle to make moving the lens easy.
Also, perhaps I should consider the Stretch-View Dazor model 8MR-200,
but again, I think this is made out of plastic where the lamp is
housed. Is the plastic a concern, or am I worried about something
that I shouldn’t be worried about? The price difference between all
of these models is insignificant, and interestingly enough, the
plastic Hi-Lighting models are more than the metal Circline model. I
would appreciate any input you may have and what you like or dislike
about the various Dazor models. Thanks.

Glenn Block
Shardan Jewelry