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Dayne Sislen - Anticlastic Jewelry Gallery


“I get my inspiration from the strong feminine forms I see in nature. Unfurling buds, flowers, leaves, seed pods and shells. I use thin sheets of precious metal as my material and a hammer as my tool of choice. The curved anticlastic forms I create, add strength to the materials just as the curved shapes in nature are intrinsic to their strength and protective powers.”

These designs are available for purchase.

All images © 1990-2017 Dayne Sislen Jewelry Design
Email: dayne (dot) design (at) gmail (dot) com

<img src="/uploads/db0786/original/2X/e/eaab8bbb52fb2d82f6e5d5e055055511faeda423.jpg" width=“387” height=“450” “Dayne Sislen Jewelry Design”>

Marsh Lily Neckpiece: Hollow formed anti-clastic,18K yellow gold, with three freshwater pearls.


Sprig Pin: Anti-clastic formed of 18K yellow gold.

Vine Neckpiece: Hollow formed anticlastic, sterling silver with black cultured pearl.

Anticlastic vessel (14") on Slate base. An award winner of the Coeur d’Alene Silver Mine, Student silver design competition and touring exhibition, “Statements in Silver.”

!8K yellow gold earrings with freshwater pearls.




Thank you.


Jewelry Rendering of 18K gold necklace with amethyst and diamonds.


Gorgeous. Is this your piece?



Great work,
I love the raising and subsequent fine finish. Somehow organic and contemporary at once.
Thanks for creating .



Yes, they are all mine, made quite a few years ago.


Thank you Jim.


Here is another hollow formed anticlastic neckpiece I made of 18K gold and fresh water pearls.