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David Yurman--is it real or "memorex"


Greetings to all Orchidians,

Does anyone on the list carry the genuine David Yurman line, and
are familiar with his trademark and quality details? I have four
pieces, one markedc DY, one marked c YURMAN, and two marked c D
YURMAN. In addition, two have small stars, while one has a #
symbol. I am suspicious of two of the pieces, because the quality
is not what I would have expected–particularly a cable necklace
and a pair of earrings. On items like earrings and rings, where
you would have a hollowed out back–just how nicely does Yurman
finish out his jewelry? Would you expect to see lots of nodules
and surface imperfections from the casting on the underside? On
the pair of earrings that have a yellow gold cross-over design,
the rivets that hold them in place are in different locations on
each earring, there looks to be a lot of unexplained molten
metal underneath, pitting, nodules, etc. and very heavily
oxidyzed. It looks rather amateurish to me, not what I would
expect from a high end manufacturer. The customer is trying to
trade them in to us, hasstatements of replacement as genuine
from an authorized dealer of Yurman that sold them. Customer
said they were represented as Yurman, but that she also got “a
great deal on sale” Hmmmm. Any thoughts? Thanks in
advance, Cindy B.


Cindy: Yurman has a website ( - you
should email them and ask. Especially if the poorer quality
pieces are his- you should let the company know what you think.



Cindy, My first suggestion is to call David and ask about the
different trademarks. This is a very busy time of year for them
so they may not have a lot of time, but if you put it in terms
of genuine of counterfeit it may spark their interest. David
Yurman has been at this game for many years and may changed the
trademarks he has used along the way. From what I understand to
meet his production needs David has used many manufacturers that
have built his pieces for him. This might explain the variations
in how well some items are made. You might also check with the
United States trademark office to see the trademarks he has
registered. I still would suggest calling David Yurman at
212-593-1122 and talking with someone there first.

Good Luck,
Etienne Perret
Designing Colored Diamond Jewels
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20 Main St
Camden, Maine
USA 04843