Daughter in-law addicted to jewlry TV

Speaking of jewlry tv I really would like some opinions about those
different channels. daughter in-law addicted to 2 of them, has blow
lots of son’s money, I have looked at their sites and if they are
truley honest then they seem to be a good source for somethings.
Opinions anyone?

From what I’ve seen brought into my store for repair, mountings,
etc…, its a whole bunch of very low quality junk-real but still
junk, sometimes even misrepresented as one gem species, when its
not. Just saw 2 black natural spinels yesterday, sold on JTV, as
’very rare’. Labrodite is a real biggie, sold as much higher grades
than really are. Makes them seem like a bargain, but simply nothing
more than dishonesty, relying on stupidity and greed.


You get what you pay for. Sometimes less. They deal with low quality
goods with names that CAN, but don’t HAVE TO mean nice material.

When they started out, JTV was not too bad. They offered gems of
varying quality, at a decent retail price. Very few great deals, but
those happened on occasion, too.

In the last couple of years, though, I stopped watching.
Occasionally I will tune in, but I usually tune out again
immediately. The prices have gone up, and the quality has gone down,
over all, and the chatter is pure hype. Currently, the Gems TV “Let’s
Play the Game” show looks like it has the best offerings, but that is
still Walmart jewelry at maybe a bit more than Walmart prices.

Your daughter-in-law needs a new hobby. The quickest way I know to
go broke is to “save” too much money, especially buying