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Dark Metal


Hi Jill , Have you thought of using black silver? I’ve seen it used
in England and it looks wonderful, its not cheap, But the samples
I’ve seen have ‘colour’ going all the way through so its not just
surface dyed! i’ll try and get a contact and post it on Orchid for
you if your interested.

Wayne Danewood
Dain Studio


Hi Wayne, I don’t think I’ve heard of black silver. I guess this
different than sterling silver that has been oxidized/sulfurized
since the color goes all the way through. If it is, what is the
composition and how else does it differ from sterling (maleability,
hardness, etc.). Thanks for any you can provide.

And thanks to everyone else that has participated in this thread.
So many interesting possiblities have been mentioned that this is now
turning into a quest for new metals to work with rather than just an
idea for one ring!



Wayne, You really piqued my interest. I’ve not heard of this
material. Is it truly silver? What is the percentage of fine
material? Is it castable; forgeable? Sorry or al the questions, but
I am very curious.

I look forward to hearing more.


Is it truly silver? 

Niello is sometimes described as “black silver” - I dunno if
that’s what’s meant here ?

Al Heywood