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Dark casting with HD models

I recently cast several pieces made with the HD modeling system. I
like this system because of the fine detail and toughness of the
models. I have been sending my casting jobs out with good results,
but this time decided to do it myself. I did some longer holding
times in my burnouts according to the recent MJSA issue, and all went
well except that the result was not what I expected.

The entire tree, which I cast in 18K yellow, was a dark, almost
black color. I left it in the pickle pot much longer than I normally
would, which lightened it somewhat, but it’s still a mocha color.

What did I do to cause this discoloration? I cast with a 1,000
degree flask temp because the pieces were very thin and intricate.
They filled just fine - it’s just this dark coating that I can’t
figure out.

I’m hoping there’s someone out there on Rhino that has experience
with HD material, who can give me some insight or advice.

Dear Rose,

Here are the questions…

What type of HD material?

What type of investment?

How long did you burn out?

Where there other flasks you cast?

Did any of them turn out?

How high did your burnout oven get to?

How long was your highest temperature maintained in burnout?

Are you torch melting or electro melting?

What type of fuel if you torch melted?

Spin cast or vacuum cast?

Regular 18 karat of de-ox 18 karat.

Where do you buy your 18 karat gold?

Do you make your own?

We’ll start here.

Best regards,
Todd Hawkinson