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Daniel Brush

Karen, Love your note. I try to think of myself as somewhere in
between. If I don’t like someone I won’t work for them! Luckily
for me I like almost everyone. I am protective of my important
work. People who are going to just trash a piece that I spent
days/weeks designing/making perfect should just pickup something
at the local five and dime. I cringe every time I run into one
customer who bought a beautiful rutilated quartz (about
20ct.)ring that I made.She chipped it all over and leaves layers
of soap residue on it. Makes me want to rip it off her hand.
Although, she is so happy with it and wears it all the time.
Therein lies the abuse. Loved it to death. Susan Sarantos

Note to Susan Sarantos about customers who wreck beloved stones:
I have a friend who has the 'dirtiest 'stones I have ever seen.
Does she knead raw hamburger with her rings on? I don’t know, but
it sure looks like it. She has an amethyst of mine that has the
lustre of an agate. So when she comes over to visit, I say,
“Oh, I see you are wearing my creation.”(knowing full well she
did it on purpose…but her diamond engagement ring looks like a
piece of rock salt) . So I cheerfully say, “How about letting me
clean it up for you?” Who can refuse such an offer? She leaves
filled with coffee and pastry and two gorgeous sparkling rings.
i always leave her a hint about dropping them in an ammonia-water
solution now and then , but it falls on deaf ears. this way, I
get to see her a couple of times a year, and she really is a
nice lady even if she has dirty rings… Donna

I heard about Daniel Brush once before. Is he the artist who
lives in almost total seculsion? What is his work like? I tried
to go to Barnes and Noble to peer at the book but it was not in


His work is fantastic! and yes, he’s the one who lives in
seclusion. Saw the display at the Smithsonian when I was east
earlier in the fall, and I’ve never seen anything like it!
Sharon Holt

DeDe - Daniel Brush currently has a show at the Smithsonian. If
you go to their site you should be able to find a few pictures.
There was also an article about his work in “Smithsonian
Magazine” in August or September. You should be able to find it
at your local library.

Steven Brixner - Jewelry Designer - San Diego CA USA

    Hi all, re clients who don't clean our beautiful
creations, I try to overcome this by offering a once a year
free clean for the period of my lifetime!  I find that this
sometimes works.!!!.. however from a PR point of view  I feel I
am way ahead, the 

We offer lifetime free cleaning anytime they will come in the
store and we send them all reminder cards every 6 months for
cleaning. Keeps them coming in and keeps them buying too!