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Dangerous but funny accidents

I have enjoyed the left foot thread so much. It seems that we have
all had accidents that were funny but dangerous.

I had moved and was setting up my work bench. I had 4 braces that
were like a ladder and I slid shelves onto the braces. I Had
temporarily set the shelves up, and still had to screw the shelves
into place to secure the structure. We are talking12 feet of
shelving, 4 shelves (1x6). I got so into the project that I had
unboxed over 100 boxes of beads (24 compartmenttackle boxes). They
had been piled on the freezer, so of course i needed to get into the
freezer, so I put a large majority ofthe beads on the unsecured

I took my trusty screw driver, leaned into the bottom shelve, and
started work, there was a huge groan, a loud crashingof boxes, and
the shelves caved in on me. I am disabled ( a bad back) a very large
short lady, and here I was with boxes, shelves and bracing. I was
shoved back into a saddle rack and trapped with a pile of shelves
across my shoulders. Up on the roof were two men fixing the roof. I
knew they could hear me, because I could hear them. I called out, I
cried, Ithreatened, then realized that they were afraid of my
rottenweiler. I hollered out that if they would just come to the
door orcall for help, they would not get bitten. Finally after an
hour they braved up and came down to see what was wrong. Theywere so
concerned that they laughed when they saw me. I could still be there
today! Moral of the story? Do not rush moving in, build something
well, strong and to last foreverbefore you move stuff onto it.