Danburite---does anybody use it?

Hello All,
I’m getting my ducks in a row to begin faceting again, and buying and selling rough and cut stones. I have run into a large parcel of danburite in fairly big sizes. It will probably cut stones of 3 to 100 carats. Do you or anyone you know use this in jewelry or is it mostly a curiosity? If you have any thoughts on values per carat, please contribute to the discussion or message me off list.

Doh, mistake there, that’s three to TEN carat stones, not three to a hundred carats…

We are miners and cutters out of Lima Peru and USA and also have done some mining in Kenya . We use danburite mainly from fellow miners in mexico . The more desired material is in colored stones i.e. pink, green yellow of good color rather then white mainly. It is used mainly as a collector’s stone but is fine in jewelry we make . Contact me offline at : lshorowitz@yahoo.com

Lee Horowitz, M.Ed, CAGs, Gemologist

Peru Blue Opal Ltd