Damasene work

To who-ever was asking - Komelia Okum of Washington DC gives classes
in this and Kumboo. We just finished a weekend class with her in
Seattle. (Komeliaokim@aol.com)

For the Damascene - sand one side of the steel well. 2) using a V
chisel cut lines in rows from left to right up the piece to cover it.
Then turn the piece by l80 deg and chisel across the first

  1. Then chisel diagonally both ways - think of a plus sign with an X
    over it and you get the chiselling directions. This gives tooth to
    the steel and one can then inlay .025mm silver or gold wire and gold
    or silver foil cut into designs. Use a rivetting hammer to do this
    and do not hammer too hard.

  2. When piece is done dip in black solution with a few drops of
    amonia added. (Can’t remember the name of the black stuff at this
    time). Watch it carefully because you get the blues coming first and
    if left in longer it goes very black.

  3. Tumble it to set all.

Good Luck Glen Paris

PS Komelia is a fantastic teacher and her class was priceless.