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Damascus steel

Hello, I have used different metals for my son’s and his bride’s
wedding rings. The instructions in James Binnion’s web site was great
help. His address is: Kind regards from

Oya Borahan

The January 2001 Scientific American has a great 6 page article on
Damascus Steels by John D. Verhoeven. It differentiates pattern
welded Damascus and true or “wootz” Damascus steel and describes the
manufacture of the later. Marlin

For those who are interested in getting more details of the
processing involved in the recently mentioned Damascus steel (i.e.
“true” Damascus, rather than pattern welded), there was an article in
"Scientific American" two or three months ago. –

Kevin  (NW England, UK)

Wired magazine, February 2001,pg 135-143, also have an excellent
article. The title: Forging the Dragonslayer, QuesTek’s superstrong
cyber-alloy promises to reinvent steel. The toughest broadsword in
history is just beginning. Author: Erik Davis

Dan Biery-Esoteric Artist/Craftsman
Goldsmith/Industrial Designer/Watchmaker