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Damascene inlay: courses?

Does anyone out there know where I can take a course or workshop in
Damascene inlay? (gold or silver on iron or steel). Also looking for
workshops on the techniques used on Japanese ‘tsuba’ (sword guards).
Will travel! (somewhere exotic would be nice!)

Karin Marita Jones, Vancouver, BC

Just wanted to make everyone aware that, while we don’t have a
course or workshop on damascene (perhaps next year), AJM will have a
technical article on the process in its March issue. The article is
part of a collaboration between AJM and Metalsmith magazine; AJM is
publishing the damascene article, the Spring 2002 Metalsmith is
publishing an article that showcases the work of several artists who
use Asian techniques, and both magazines are co-sponsorings seminars
on keum-boo and mokume gane at MJSA’s Expo New York (March 10-12).

The damascene article will be posted in its entirety on the AJM Web
site (, and we will also send out free copies of
the article to any Orchid subscriber. If you would like a copy,
please e-mail (For about the spring
Metalsmith, you might want to contact SNAG at 630-579-3272 or e-mail

Rich Youmans Associate Publisher, AJM

Mendocino Art Center will have:

July 1 - 5, 2002[NL]DAMASCENE AND KUM-BOO[NL]Bruce Clark [PARA]Class
begins Monday, July 1st. Five-day workshop meets Monday-Friday, from
9:30am to 4:30pm on the dates indicated. Members: $315; Non-Members:
$340. Tuition includes a $5 studio fee.[PARA]Damasceneing is a cold
or mechanical application of metal that traditionally uses gold or
silver inlaid into steel. Kum-boo is a relatively low temperature
appliction of gold onto silver. In this class we will explore the
historical and contemporary applications of Damascene and Kum-boo,and
practice these techniques in not only the traditional methods as used
in Spain and Korea, but also investigate the other multiple color
possibilities by using a variety of different metals. Technically, we
will cover toolmaking, tool use, surface preparation, inlay
preparation, patination, preservation and presentation. Both
techniques are low-tech and relatively safe; both are well-suited
for a home studio and require a minimum of investment in equipment.
By the end of this class you will leave with a body of knowledge and
with a number of samples, if not finished pieces. All skill levels.
Materials fee required. [PARA]BRUCE CLARK received his BFA from the
University of Georgia and his MFA from the University of Arizona. He
has been teaching jewelry, metalwork and design at Pima Community
College in Tucson, Arizona, since receiving his advanced degree. In
1985 he was awarded a technical grant from S.N.A.G. to research
Damasceneing and in 1986 published his findings in “Metalsmith.” He
is published internationally and is included in numerous public and
private collections, most notably, that of Oppi Untracht. Class Fee:
$315 Member $340 Non Members