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Damaged Stones

hi anne, i’ve been doing trade work longer than i care to
mention. every trade shop probably has a different ‘cure’. our
policy is if there is no mention of an exception of liability
beforehand, in other words, if i don’t say 'this stone is a risk
to set and i won’t be held responsible, and break it, i buy it or
most likely replace it. i strongly feel if something breaks while
in my care i should fix it. professional and skilled jewelry
people should recognize danger and pitfalls and advise thir
customers accordingly. i think the legal term is ‘reasonable
care’. stone loss after the customer has taken possesion is quite
different. retail shops wll commonly replace stones lost by the
customer no matter what the cause; faulty prong, normal wear &
tear, neglect or maliscious removal, whatever! as a wholesale
trade shop my view of replacing diamonds in these cases is quite
different. i can’t simplify this opinion with few words, but
here is my best. i almost never will ever replace a diamond lost
by a customer. by being very conscientious with my work and what
i say to my clients, there is almost no reason for me to replace

as far as insurance for breaking of stones while in my care i
have inquired w/ jewelers mutual, and to my knowledge they don’t
insure the jeweler/ setter but they will insure the owner of the
ring for this type of accident. interesting,huh? maybe what they
are inferring is: your property is your responsibility. a unique
concept. o maybe they already know the jeweler will most likely
replace it and regard it as a good bet.

i know there has to be more views to this .

geo fox