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Damaged Stone [Was: prong re-tipping ]

This brings up a question I have for you “pros”. When you
damage a stone, who pays for it? Do you have insurance that
covers this, or is it just suck it up and pay for it? Ouch… Anne

Hi Anne,

Thom Lane here, of Lane Lapidary. I cut cabochons and send out
memos of images of stones I have in stock with prices and sizes.
No faceted goods, however, just my own cabs. Each memo is
tailored to a specific request. So I memo a lot of goods with no
risk to myself or my customers, after all, I’m just sending
pictures. When it comes time to actually send a memo of selected
stones, if you break a stone while it is in your shop or ship it
back uninsured and it gets lost if you’ve packaged my goods so
poorly that stones arrive broken, I hope you would pay. I trust
that in your message above you meant to write “when I damage a
stone…”. People who get stones on memo should put rugs over
cement floors and not let young cats run loose in the studio!

                         Best regards,

P.S. Handling cut stones over anything harder than linoleum is
inviting disaster in case they are dropped. I have had stones broken
by a jewelers kitten. Thom